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2017 Dec 29 – It’s the last Friday of 2017, if you’re in Denver and have 5 bucks then what the fuck let’s party!
You need to show this at the door or use the password “MOIST” to get in for $5. It also lets them know you’re here for us.

2017 Nov 30 -> The new single is here, and it will be on the album. Yes, an album. Get on the mailing list, and be prepared for its live debut on December 29th.

2017 Jun 21 -> Fi is gearing up for discrete shows THIS SUMMER with some amazing acts, and new singles are sneaking out through Snapchat and Instagram on the regular, best keep up! Mailing list link above, or social links here:

Snapchat @ ListenToFi

Instagram @ListenToFi

2017 May 28 -> If you’ve been following on social media you’re already up to date. We have had some heavy losses in our family, and although the last few months have been incredibly painful, I’ve never been so proud or felt so loved in my life. This music brought more beauty in the world than I could have imagined, and I will never stop. During our recovery I will be developing a complete album, and we plan to tour nationally by next summer.

Thank you, from every molecule of my existence, I love you genuinely. Add yourself to the newsletter if you’re anxious for our next move.

2017 Jan 2 ->
ANOTHER DROP. This beat is mint. We feel you on the social tension in 2017, and nothing gets more real on it than this new single.
SoundCloud – Breathing Fire – Fi
Lyrics are right here

2017 Jan 1 ->
Happy New Year! Leave those shameful people behind with the new 2017 single by Fi.
New #indiepop featuring Haley Koch on backup vocals.
Another single tomorrow!
SoundCloud – Shame On You – Fi
Lyrics are in the link, or right here
Free download if you subscribe to the newsletter

2016 Dec 23 -> FREE Halloween cosplay for Christmas? YAZMAM!
2016 Best Of The West music showcase at Herman’s Hideaway.
Bands for this show are hand picked Denver talent.

2016 Aug 30 -> There is one show a year that I wouldn’t miss even if I was literally dying. Enjoy.
2016.09.23 Hermans Facebook Banner

2016.09.23 ticket stub modified


2016 Jun 24 -> Things are getting… steamy.
2016.06.24 hermans flyer moist

2016 Apr 1 -> No April Fools prank here, catch the latest Fi single “asleep” dropped today: [link]
Soundcloud – Asleep – Fi
2016 Mar 18 -> THE NEW SINGLE DROPS IN APRIL. Get it before it’s published — Add your email to the Newsletter for a pre-release link.

2016 Jan 13 -> Ask and receive! The acoustic (and arguably the best) version of Clocks:

2015 Dec 5-> NEW MUSIC VIDEO! Sex, crime, cars and dancing. This might break the internet.
Rated PG13 – partial nudity, sexual scenarios and weapons.

2015 Oct 10 -> Live in concert! November 12th: The Oriental Theater, Denver, Colorado.
Click here for details and RSVP
The Oriental Theater, Denver CO November 12th 2015

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