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Fi [fye] – a Latin abbreviation of fidelis; directly translated as fidelity. Traditionally used for defining a dedication or loyalty to an idea, person, or object. i.e. Semper-Fi, WiFi, Hi-Fi.

Let’s introduce this biography with Miles David. Because outside of the select exceptional talents chosen to perform his work live, Miles is Fi.

This story doesn’t start off crowing about a fat little bobble-headed infant with a twinkle in his eye. Frankly, until his later years, Miles wasn’t much to marvel at. He looked more like a girl than a rock star, wore the latest in third-world fashions, and was more likely to be seen than heard. As with any true artist, it takes years of torment and damage to develop the kind of brilliance that can capture a generation. This story starts with a birthday.

Rewind to January 18th, 1996 in the northern rural Denver, Colorado. The gift was a battered Fender guitar, and an amplifier the size of a happy meal. It was a really, really big deal – Miles was born into poverty, raised with two siblings and two working parents, surviving on hot dogs and toast.

Miles logged over 700 hours of practice in two years, disturbingly devoted to mastering his gift. He fostered more and more instruments, played and learned with other artists, and fearlessly adopted every challenge. He admits to firmly dismissing failure as a real concept, as he quoted later in 2003 after a sour performance resulting in two performers quitting, “people confuse that word with laziness. If you didn’t succeed yet, maybe you shouldn’t give up yet.” In a culture that saturated him with optimism, criticism was taught to be motivation. Percussion, keys, cello, whatever – if it made a sound, it met his hands.

By 16, the world of underground electronic music was peaking, and Miles quickly followed producer Trent Reznor’s lead adopting digital production software to expand his potential. But the most obvious instrument was missing – the one instrument that could be played anywhere, and taken everywhere; he needed a voice.

Like everything else, the boy genius painstakingly devoted every waking hour to achieve excellence with every note from G0 to C5, in every style from rock to soul, with no guidelines or mentors. But unlike any other talent, Miles’s voice was a gateway beyond music, blooming into social integration, love, and inspiration; the seeds of a rock star.

Through the remainder of his teen years Miles experimented and toured as a guitarist with several groups, all of which ended in disagreement, motivating him to make better use of his skills as a contract producer. After building up a healthy clientele, America’s economy took a massive dive, leaving his artists without income and his business abandoned. It was the ultimate defeat; he was strangled by the means to survive, and forced to explore other professions – but a brilliant mind with no concept of failure is never far from success.

Later majoring in electrical engineering, boy genius stumbled into the automotive field and built a successful business developing computers for race cars. Obviously, Miles was hardly finished; with financial backing, the optimist spent his spare time in dance clubs, concerts, bars, and parties discovering the soundtracks of the 21st century. He claims “the more I transitioned from an artist to a human, the more I found out about what really inspired me to connect to people. I write music to soundtrack life.”

Shortly after recovering from a horrific car accident in 2010, Miles headed the 3volution album with NonsoundFlux. When Flux Pavilion emerged shortly after, the NSF project was respectfully abandoned. This is arguably still the beginning of the story. The optimist snatched the opportunity to dive into a new goal, without strings or expectations, and produce straight from his big charming heart. Fi was born, with a toast to resilience, and a promise of excellence.

Today Fi continues to deliver hot new music and perform high energy concerts even in between scheduled tours, all while coproducing legendary pieces with many other artists. Fi has been proudly featured with a rash of magazines and websites, aired on national FM and AM radio, and recently published a music video for the highly anticipated hit song “Shut Up”. Rumors of a second music video and a season tour with a VMA nominated group are under way…